[Cugapost] Postdoctoral position available in the Symmetry Energy Group---a message from Betty Tsang

Rachel Harris harris at jlab.org
Mon Feb 8 16:56:44 EST 2010

There will be a postdoctoral position available in the Symmetry Energy 
Group (http://groups.nscl.msu.edu/hira/sep.htm) headed by Professors 
Betty Tsang and Bill Lynch at the National Superconducting Cyclotron 
Laboratory, Michigan State University. The new postdoc is expected to be 
involved with building the *SAMURAI Time-Projection-Chamber *to be used 
in experiments to explore the Nuclear Equation of State of Asymmetric 
matter with heavy ion collisions at RIKEN. The results of these 
experiments will have important implications on studies of the symmetry 
energy in the Facility for Rare Isotope Beams (FRIB), a $550 M project 
to be built at Michigan State University.

The successful candidates will be an integral member of the HiRA 
research group, (http://groups.nscl.msu.edu/hira/) at NSCL and will also 
be involved in the other research activities with the group. These 
activities include exploring the symmetry energy using heavy ion 
reactions at NSCL, GSI and RIKEN, as well as an active program to study 
nuclear structure and reaction mechanisms using transfer reactions with 
rare isotope beams. The successful candidate must have the potential to 
acquire new working knowledge quickly, good problem solving skills and 
is motivated to learn about properties of nuclear matter. The following 
skills are desired but not required: knowledge and experience in using 
GEANT4 simulations, ROOT analysis, gas detectors, FPGA programming, TPC 
design and electronics. If desired, the successful candidate will have 
the opportunities to teach and to mentor graduate and undergraduate 

Interested person should contact Prof. Betty Tsang at tsang at nscl.msu.edu.

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