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Postdoctoral Associate with the William and Mary Department of Physics 
Nucleon Form Factor Group

The continuation of the systematic investigation of the nucleon form 
factors, using double polarization techniques, requires the contribution 
of a postdoctoral research associate to design, build and test new 
detectors for several experiments at Jefferson Lab. Our group is 
involved in experiments in all A and C and is now focusing on the 
program which will start with the completion of the 12 GeV energy 
upgrade. We have recently completed a series of experiments measuring 
the proton form factor ratio by recoil polarization up to 8.5 GeV^2. 
Experiments to continue these investigations to higher Q^2 and to other 
light nuclear targets are either approved or in preparation.

Applicants must have a Ph.D. in physics and graduate level experience in 
experimental nuclear and high energy physics. Hardware and simulation 
experience is desirable. The successful candidate will remain at 
Jefferson Lab full time during the term of the position and will focus 
primarily on hardware projects associated with the 12 GeV program. This 
position is for one year initially, and renewable for up to two 
additional years upon mutual agreement. To apply, please send a cover 
letter and a curriculum vita to Prof. Charles F. Perdrisat, Physics 
Department, College of William and Mary, Williamsburg VA 23187. E-mail: 
_perdrisa at jlab.org_, and arrange for three letters of reference. After 
submission, your referees will be contacted by us via email to submit a 
letter of reference. 

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