[Cugapost] Post-doctoral position at the University of New Hampshire

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Tue Feb 18 08:28:18 EST 2014

University of New Hampshire Department of Physics Experimental 
Postdoctoral Position

The Nuclear and Particle Physics Group at the University of New 
Hampshire has an immediate opening for a post-doctoral research 
associate, who will be expected to take a leading role in the Heavy 
Photon Search (HPS) experiment at Jefferson Lab Hall B.

The HPS is a new experiment designed to look for a new, heavy, gauge 
boson (the heavy photon, or dark photon) in the mass range 20-1000 MeV 
that couples to electrons through kinetic mixing with couplings α�/α 
in the range 10â??5 to 10â??10. The HPS will search for the e+eâ?? or 
μ+μâ?? decay of the heavy photon, possibly with a displaced vertex, 
using a new compact forward spectrometer, which employs silicon 
microstrip detectors for vertexing and tracking, and a PbWO4 
electromagnetic calorimeter for fast triggering and electron 
identification, and a muon detector for muon identification. This 
experiment will also search for true-muonium, a bound state of μ+μâ?? 
particles that has not previously been observed. The collaboration is 
expecting to commission the new detector this Fall, with a first data 
run in early 2015.

The candidate will also participate in the groupâ??s robust experimental 
program at Jlab. Specific projects include the search for new heavy 
gauge bosons (HPS at Jlab), studies of proton and deuteron spin 
structure functions, studies of short range correlations, polarized 
target development, and detector upgrades for the JLab 12 GeV era. The 
successful candidate will have a PhD in nuclear or particle physics and 
will be expected to strongly contribute to the ongoing program, but is 
also encouraged to propose and initiate new experiments.

The groupâ??s efforts are supported by the US Department of Energy. The 
University of New Hampshire is an equal opportunity employer. Candidates 
of both genders and all ethniticities are strongly urged to apply. The 
position is available immediately and will remain open until filled.

Applicants should send a resume (CV) and a summary of relevant research 
experience, and arrange for 3 letters of recommendation to be send, to 
Maurik.Holtrop at unh.edu <mailto:Maurik.Holtrop at unh.edu>.

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