[Halla_min] Minutes of Hall A Group Meeting: October 25, 2016

Stephanie Tysor stysor at jlab.org
Thu Oct 27 11:09:31 EDT 2016

Minutes of Hall A Group Meeting: October 25, 2016

 1. Thia Keppel
   a. The Hall A and C winter collaboration meeting dates are now final! Hall A will be held January  
      18-19, 2017 and Hall C will be January 20-21, 2017. Save the dates!
   b. If you haven’t yet completed your self-assessment, please do so expeditiously 
   c. Sign up for shifts
   d. Hall C ARR will be January 9-10, 2017

 2. Robin Wines
   a. SBS
     i. UVA GEM detector frames being fabricated in JLab shop
     ii. Received HCal upender & back plates
     iii. Beam line main tower fabrication ready for pre-assembly inspection
     iv. Trying to get CDet frame approved for use (welded structure)
     v. Testing beam line shielding assembly
     vi. SBS detector platform in fabrication
     vii. Importing INFN GEM design into overall CAD model
     viii. Preparing for review
   b. Tritium
     i. Working on field map (Tosca) for new Q1
   c. SoLID
     i. Fabrication parts to transport CLEO magnet, arranging transport
     ii. Supporting Jay in Tosca modeling
     iii. Working on response to Director’s review
   d. MOLLER Experiment
     i. Reviewing magnet engineering for December review
     ii. Input shielding and collimators in overall CAD model

 3. Jessie Butler
   a. Focused on locking up the hall in order to take beam
   b. Completed the pre-beam checklist
   c. Did final check on vacuum and cryogenics and did final hall cleanup
   d. Worked more on training with our new personnel on the operations computer that’s used during 
   e. Last Thursday hall re-opened to restricted access at which time we focused on working in the 
      hall, moving around vacuum pumps and pumping on different systems making sure vacuum levels  
      are good
   f. Completed monthly safety checks in the hall and Physics storage
 4. Tanja Horn - Run Coordinator Report – see slides at:

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