[Halla_min] Minutes of Hall A Group Meeting: January 8, 2019

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Minutes of Hall A Group Meeting: January 8, 2019

1.      Thia Keppel

a.       Hall A Post Doc interview seminar this month - please attend!

b.      Collaboration meeting at end of the month - please register and attend!

c.       Senior Staff

                                                              i.      Performance Appraisal Cycle......Physics doing well - completed faster this year

                                                            ii.      12 requests for promotions within Physics

d.      30 page document on alternate work schedule is out

                                                              i.      30 min "mini sessions" coming up - assume document read these are for specific questions

                                                            ii.      Read & think about questions (supervisors in particular, can everyone work from home/any hour?)

                                                          iii.      Rolf says no working over lunch! (total time on site is 8 hours work  + lunch if here)

                                                          iv.      Also total time reporting

e.       Critical Spares list (DOE wants, including experimental halls)

                                                              i.      Javier submitted, assume ~ 2 weeks down changes schedule determines criticality

                                                            ii.      One-of-a-kind(large) items too impractical

f.        European Particle Physics Strategy Proposals, kind of like our LRP

                                                              i.      3 JLab/EIC out of ~170 proposals submitted

g.      Hectic Week

                                                              i.      1/10 UGBOD

                                                            ii.      1/10 EIC UG quarterly meeting

                                                          iii.      1/10 ODU/EIC/...machine learning seminar here (organized by accelerator)

                                                          iv.      1/10 SoLID Collaboration meeting

h.      Budget Briefing Preparations

                                                              i.      No guidance yet for FY19

                                                            ii.      Capital Equipment budget ok for Hall A, this means roughly FY22-23 TDIS, FY20 SoLID Magnet, FY24 Cryo transfer line, FY20-21 Hypernuclear

                                                          iii.      Both Halls A & C: Parity, DAQ/beamline, polarimetry

                                                          iv.      Generic high power target now off table (MOLLER depending)as a capital project

i.        CHL2 - Can't run low E summer 2020, but double checking, want written

j.        Current power reduction lists to 1/11 now (1 day later)

k.      Nate Baltzell new Hall B Staff I 12/2

                                                              i.      Software architect position still open

l.        JLEIC energy changing 100 --->200 GeV max E protons

                                                              i.      Upgrading pCDR

2.      Robin Wines

a.       Support installation of APEX

b.      Parts came in for PREX & CREX

3.      Jack Segal

a.       Working on APEX installation

4.      Jessie Butler

a.       Continue working on APEX installation

b.      Spent majority of the week making vacuum connections between the spectrometers, extension box and target chamber

c.       Finished installing the downstream corrector magnet and began installing the upstream corrector

d.      Reconnected turbo pump, isolation valve and roughing port to the target chamber

e.       Assembled vacuum connections on Moller solenoid

f.        Completed turbo cart and put into service

g.      Continue working on remaking LCW manifold and target motioning

5.      Featured Speaker: Jessie Butler: Installation Update

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