[Halla_min] Minutes of Hall A Group Meeting: January 15, 2019

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Minutes of Hall A Group Meeting: January 15, 2019

1.      Thia Keppel

a.       Hall News

                                                              i.      Collaboration Meeting reminder! Register and attend!

                                                            ii.      Postdoc interview seminars starting: tomorrow, 2:30 L102 - Be there!

                                                          iii.      APEX - need to get documentation to Patrizia (just waiting on RSAD)

                                                          iv.      SoLID Collaboration meeting last week useful, need to finalize cost profile

b.      Senior Staff Meeting

                                                              i.      President's budget should appear soon, ~end of the month......probably low, similar process as last year

                                                            ii.      DOE not shutting down, but we don't have guidance yet, so  no big reqs ~100K should be submitted

                                                          iii.      2/16 Budget Briefing

1.      Must submit documentation very soon (relevant for MOLLER, SoLID)

                                                          iv.      Changes to travel policy coming:

1.      Travel parking (used to be economy only), now up to $17/day

2.      More simplifications coming

                                                            v.      Communications office changes

1.      Deborah Dowd - internal communications

2.      Kandice Carter - external communications

                                                          vi.      Isgur Fellowship

1.      100 applicants, now one selected

2.      Used to be joint w/experiment

3.      There will be 2 more, 1 each for experiment & accelerator (just approved) JSA 3 years, may be extended to 5

4.      From VA funds in part

5.      Waiting for names of fellowships

                                                        vii.      UGBOD

1.      "Feisty"

2.      Scheduling back and forth discussions

3.      Feedback on visitor policy (4/1 must be pre-approved before they get here, but some pluses.....perhaps approve for 1 year)

4.      Jeopardy! All experiments must come back even if high impact, even if installation planned

                                                      viii.      PAC call is out

                                                          ix.      ESR2 is coming but funding source within DOE not fully clear yet

1.      Early phase work going on now

2.      Robin Wines

a.       APEX

                                                              i.      Supporting installation

b.      PREX

                                                              i.      Completing concrete assembly drawings then procuring concrete shielding

                                                            ii.      Worked with collaboration to get the correct sieve pattern and placement

                                                          iii.      Putting into machine shop

                                                          iv.      Plastic shielding was delivered

                                                            v.      Beam line magnetic field shielding drawings submitted for procurement

c.       SBS

                                                              i.      Reviewing work to be completed

d.      MOLLER

                                                              i.      Added new downstream beam line to overall layout

                                                            ii.      Project meetings

e.       SoLID

                                                              i.      Collaboration meeting

3.      Jessie Butler

a.       Continue working on APEX installation

b.      Finished redoing the LCW manifold and spent majority of the week connecting water lines on the septum and corrector magnets

c.       Finished installing the upstream corrector

d.      Helped Ethan with setup to begin pumping down the Moller solenoid

e.       Completed installing power lead junction box needed to connect leads to power supply

f.        Continue to work on target motioning system

g.      Moved target chamber top plate and target setup from the TED into the hall and began assembling the target

h.      Mount sieves and center beam line inside extension box

i.        Finished installing hand rails and deck plate on beam left target platform

j.        Help JP and Bert to locate some polarized He3 hardware in Physics Storage and ESB

k.      Additional work in the hall; PSS certs and Target Group came down and removed some pumps and hoses that were used during Tritium

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