[Hallb-engineering] DC R2 pressure and Helium Buffer dewar problems

bruhwel at jlab.org bruhwel at jlab.org
Mon Dec 6 07:54:15 EST 2010

It seems that the torus and the buffer dewar ioc's had network difficulty
this weekend.  I hope its fixed, but I do not know.  As far as the restore
on the buffer dewar ioc, I can ask Sue about that and see what she says. 
We should ask Sue to change these settings in the database so that they
come back on boot I'd think.

What values do we want on boot?


> Hi I got a page last night ~ midnight from the counting house on DR R2
> pressure tickling the .03 low alarm. I asked them if they had checked long
> term range of this pressure. The answer was no. I asked if the DC was
> operating normally, the answer was yes.
> I check the LOLO value of the alarm it is .01 so I had them put the LOW
> value to .015
> George or Denny, Please check out the system if we need to make this
> change permanent or fix something else.
> After 3am I got another page on the LHe dewar. The IOC had crashed and the
> shift guys could not get it going. I talked them through it. This was the
> second crash in less than 24 hrs. Why? And we need to get the proper
> values in the reboot script. Earlier when this happened I saved the proper
> settings, but when we do a restore they do not come back properly.
> Thanks
> Dave
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