[Hallb-engineering] DC R2 pressure and Helium Buffer dewar problems

David Kashy kashy at jlab.org
Mon Dec 6 08:01:43 EST 2010


EV8214 - Manual Mode at 75
EV8210BP - PID mode set val 1400
EV8215 - Manual Mode at 0.0

All others normal


On 12/6/2010 7:54 AM, bruhwel at jlab.org wrote:
> It seems that the torus and the buffer dewar ioc's had network difficulty
> this weekend.  I hope its fixed, but I do not know.  As far as the restore
> on the buffer dewar ioc, I can ask Sue about that and see what she says.
> We should ask Sue to change these settings in the database so that they
> come back on boot I'd think.
> What values do we want on boot?
> Regards,
> Krister
>> Hi I got a page last night ~ midnight from the counting house on DR R2
>> pressure tickling the .03 low alarm. I asked them if they had checked long
>> term range of this pressure. The answer was no. I asked if the DC was
>> operating normally, the answer was yes.
>> I check the LOLO value of the alarm it is .01 so I had them put the LOW
>> value to .015
>> George or Denny, Please check out the system if we need to make this
>> change permanent or fix something else.
>> After 3am I got another page on the LHe dewar. The IOC had crashed and the
>> shift guys could not get it going. I talked them through it. This was the
>> second crash in less than 24 hrs. Why? And we need to get the proper
>> values in the reboot script. Earlier when this happened I saved the proper
>> settings, but when we do a restore they do not come back properly.
>> Thanks
>> Dave
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