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David Kashy kashy at jlab.org
Thu Apr 28 08:42:04 EDT 2011

Contact Alex or me if you need to change the plan.

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Subject: 	Hall B hot checkout near 4pm
Date: 	Thu, 28 Apr 2011 08:40:15 -0400 (EDT)
From: 	Alexandre Deur <deurpam at jlab.org>
To: 	Andy Sandorfi <sandorfi at jlab.org>, Douglas Tilles 
<tilles at jlab.org>, Dave Kashy <kashy at jlab.org>, Mahbub Khandaker 
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MCC is planning to do the Hall B hot checkout today. The plan is that
around 4pm, when the Hall B technicians are done with the day, MCC sweeps
and locks up the Hall. The Hall sweep + check out should last about an
hour so the Hall will go back to controlled access around 5pm and the HD
work can resume.

Please let me know if this upsets your work of the day. The plan is
flexible and can be delayed a few hours if 4pm interferes with your work.

Thank you,


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