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Hi, who knows anything about this?

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Subject: 	Test Lab High Bay Housekeeping
Date: 	Thu, 28 Apr 2011 14:55:32 -0400
From: 	Bert Manzlak <manzlak at jlab.org>
To: 	Ronbert Michaels <rom at jlab.org>, Volker Burkert <burkert at jlab.org>
CC: 	Doug Higinbotham <doug at jlab.org>, Javier Gomez <gomez at jlab.org>, 
Rolf Ent <ent at jlab.org>, Charles Hightower <chas at jlab.org>, Ed Folts 
<folts at jlab.org>, Doug Tilles <tilles at jlab.org>


Yesterday an area EH&S related walk through of the Test Lab high bay was
conducted and what was observed was that the recently cleared and
cleaned portion of this particular space was showing signs of trash /
scrap creep and general clutter within the space.

Collectively the space should be managed so as to best use it and not
allow it to become a dumping ground.

Each group should do their part to manage and keep this division space
clean and orderly.

Contact me if specifics are necessary and hopefully attention will be
given to this deficiency in a timely manner.

-- Bert

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