[Hallb-engineering] DynaPower Box Supplies

Krister Bruhwel bruhwel at jlab.org
Wed Jan 12 14:19:18 EST 2011


Peter Abele just emailed me and that is his option number three ... I 
wonder what accuracy we really need for these supplies.  Here is his email:

Mr. Bruhwel:
I spoke with a couple of our engineers a short time ago and came up with 
a few ideas on how to proceed on this matter.  With the idea of some 
possible reduction n accuracy being considered it does open up some 
options on how to move ahead so with this in mind the following options 
were mentioned:


1.      A standard shunt with isolation amplifier: This would be the 
simplest arrangement which would use the most commonly available parts 
and be the least expensive and complicated to implement.  The finished 
result would offer a roughly ¼% accuracy.


2.      A hall effect CT assembly:  These are a bit more difficult to 
implement than a shunt but less costly that a high accuracy ZFCT type 
current monitoring device.  The finished result would offer a roughly ½% 


3.      A similar device to the ZFCT as built by another manufacturer:  
This option would take some work to get the electrical and mechanical 
details worked out and would be your most expensive option moving 
forward, but would offer similar performance to the ZFCT you currently 
installed on these power supplies.


Please let me know if you think anything other than option 3 might be 
viable for you application and we can investigate accordingly.  Also, 
please provide information about the exact power supplies in question so 
we can understand the ratings of what was built originally and what 
would be involved in a retro-fit installation of these devices.  Thanks.




Peter Abele

Senior Sales Engineer

John Segal wrote:
> Danfysik spun off the transducer portion of their business.  You still 
> go through GMW for it, though.
> Bill Merz wrote:
>> If the problem is that you need a replacement transductor head or 
>> electronics you should be able to purchase something from Danfysik as 
>> a drop in as long as the "Current signal" is compatible with the 
>> Dynapower regulator. You would need to buy a complete 
>> system...transductor head and electronics, but it should just work 
>> fine. Hitek also makes a precision transductor which may also work if 
>> you need 10PPM type of performance.
>> Bill
>> On 1/12/2011 2:00 PM, Krister Bruhwel wrote:
>>> Hello,
>>> I had a ZFCT chassis fail in November of 2010 on one of our Moeller 
>>> Power Supplies (8000A 40V).  As our spare needed a mounting bracket 
>>> that wasn't included, I robbed the chassis from an unused supply 
>>> (the downstream Moeller because we are running TPE) .  Upon asking 
>>> DynaPower for repair/replacement, I was met with some ambiguity and 
>>> they would look into the problem.  Today I talked with Peter Abele, 
>>> the Senior Sales Engineer, and his message was that they are still 
>>> in the power supply business but they can no longer repair or 
>>> manufacture the ZFCT chassis' or heads.  He will work with us on a 
>>> long term solution of trying to retrofit something (undefined as of 
>>> yet) or using shunts if the accuracy is sufficient.
>>> This message may impact anyone that needs to support a box supply 
>>> from DynaPower.  At present Hall B does not have a spare ZFCT 
>>> chassis.  After I get a bracket made, I will need to test the unused 
>>> spare, to ensure we can use both Moellers for upcoming experiments.  
>>> If anyone has a ZFCT chassis that I can use as a spare, please let 
>>> me know.   If anyone knows of options that we can utilize in the 
>>> short or long term, please let me know.   Its important for Hall B 
>>> to understand that this may affect experiments in the future as we 
>>> have no spares at present.
>>> These supplies are to be used through the 12GeV upgrade and a long 
>>> range solution is needed.
>>> I will advise as more details become relevant, and please forward 
>>> this message to concerned parties.
>>> Regards,
>>> Krister Bruhwel

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