[Hallb-engineering] Electronic Problems in the Hall

Krister Bruhwel bruhwel at jlab.org
Thu Jan 13 08:59:11 EST 2011


Last night both the Buffer Dewar and the Torus ioc's died and had to be 
rebooted.  The Torus ioc could not find its kernel and the network 
switch had to be rebooted to get the Torus back up (report from Calvin 
the on call).  Many people have been talking about these same types of 
problem.  Keith Cole from Accelerator was mentioning this with his 
electronics just a few days ago while I was changing polarity on the 
Torus.  I have heard that the Drift Chamber electronics are constantly 
needing reboots from Sergey.  Brian Hess has told me that he has had to 
replace several network switches.  More shielding has been put into 
place, but I'm not sure we have fixed the problem and I'm concerned 
about the long range damage to our systems and if this is generally 
beneficial in the short range.  I'm not an expert in these matters so I 
thought I would raise the question as to how much we should be concerned 
about the radiation in the hall.


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