[Hallb-engineering] Bumps in the Torus supply pressure

David Kashy kashy at jlab.org
Thu Jan 13 16:49:56 EST 2011

Hi All,
I was just told that the Torus has been having pressure spikes in the 
supply pressure.

Krister and I discussed putting a vacuum pump on the dewar return line. 
There will be a TPE magnet chicane flip at 08:00 tomorrow and this will 
be a good time to check the vacuum. The request for controlled access 
will be at 07:40 per Brian. When the hall is open a few techs should go 
there and feel u-tubes (target supply, Buffer dewar return and supply 
mostly) look for the standard water condensation or ice or just cold 

I found that the bumps are coincident with the CryoTarget fills!

Just now I had Krister lower the buffer dewar pressure set point to from 
1400 to 1300  and raise the minimum on EV8210 to 52%. I'm not sure if 
this will help.

Other ideas to reduce the bump level are:

1) Bring the min and max for the batch fill low and high level setpoints 
closer together.
2) Go to continuous fill (should work but makes lots of ice)

Hopefully it is as simple as weak vacuum.


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