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Hi All,
Please note there are some significant power, LCW and Chilled water 
outages planned. Please plan accordingly for the items with specific dates.
I'll forward more info as I receive it.


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_*Electrical: *_
     There will be an electrical outage of the Accelerator Site on
     Saturday, May 21st, 2011 starting at 7:00 AM that will last
     from 8 - 10 hours. Only generator power will be available to
     the Halls.

     On Saturday, June 4th, 2011 there will be another electrical
     outage on the Accelerator Site from 7:00 AM lasting 8 - 10
     hours. Only generator power will be available to the Halls.

     The Test Lab will not be directly effected by these outages.

     During the 12 Month Down:

     The feeders to the Halls (currently aluminum) will be upgraded to
     copper. This will require an outage of roughly 1 week to 9 days
     for each of the Halls. *The outages will NOT be concurrent. *

     Additionally, a similar, *non-concurrent *outage ( 7-9 days) will
     impact the Counting House, the ESR, the Physics Storage Building
     and the Experimental Staging Facility. In all, 35 transformers on
     the accelerator site will be upgraded.

     Paul Powers will provide a draft schedule of the outages to the
     Hall Coordinators who will identify how the schedule can be adjusted
     to minimize impact.

     NOTE: Although this work is essential, it is part of the cancelled
     UIM project and funding must be identified before it can proceed.

     During the 6 Month Down Carroll Jones will be upgrading the
     control system for the LCW. The work will be conducted in Building
     92, but will have an impact on the Halls. During the upgrade (which is
     slated to begin in late August), the Halls will be without LCW for
     3 to 4 weeks.

     Ed Folts noted that *they MUST have LCW by October 1* to begin
     commissioning the magnets.

     Additionally, a *one day *shutdown of chilled water will be scheduled
     near the end of this outage. This outage will result in Doug Tilles
     being required to power down all systems in the Hall B and sealing
     the area to prevent warming.

_*Space: *_
     Facilities will be converting the ARC library into 36 sets for users.
     The proposal currently includes compact workstations with 57 inch tall
     walls. The area will be managed using a hotel approach.  Details are

     Because this space should be ready for occupancy in May of 2011,
     we should begin the process of identifying users who are best suited
     for this location as soon as possible.

_*Counting House:
*_    Preliminary designs for the second floor of the Counting House have
     been completed, and a overview image is attached.

_*Future Work:*_
     Facilities mentions that they continue to need Work Orders  to be
     submitted as early as possible.

Best wishes,


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