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Subject: 	Fwd: Toolbox Meeting - A Message from Javier Gomez
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All Hall B supervisors!
Please see the message below, take appropriate action, and provide

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Subject: 	Toolbox Meeting - A Message from Javier Gomez
Date: 	Fri, 25 Mar 2011 16:19:45 -0400
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Dear Colleagues,

As the enclosed memorandum from the lab director indicates, there have
been a number of injuries at the lab.

In an effort to increase awareness, we are asking all supervisors to
discuss with their work groups the way the work is being performed and
what can be done to improve it, if anything.
Bert Manzlak will attend the meetings of the various Physics Division
groups to answer questions and provide examples and advice.

A non-optimal place of work has been identified as one of the causes
leading to accidents.  We are asking all supervisors to take a walk
through their work areas and evaluate the state of those areas. Consider
removing excess material, if necessary.

There is a small feedback questionnaire at the end of the attached memo.
*Please provide the feedback back to me by next Friday, April 1, at
close of business.*

Best regards - Javier

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