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*                       I guess some has talked to you guys about this?* 

           JeffSafe  Safety Forum Announcement

Between now and the start of the 12 Month Down, EHS&Q will host a series
of safety forums /for/ line managers /by/ line managers. The goal is to
share successes and find common approaches to safety. The groups are
limited to about 10 participants. Our first speaker will be Doug Tilles,
Hall B Work Coordinator/Safety Warden. Doug will discuss work planning
and control processes which have netted his Hall B workforce an
excellent safety record despite a combination of complex, elevated,
hands-on work that requires frequent manual material handling.

You are cordially invited to attend and participate in this discussion
which will take place in CEBAF Center F113 from 12 Noon to 1 PM. Pizza
and drinks will be provided. Kindly e-mail Tina Johnson at
cjohnson at jlab.org<mailto:cjohnson at jlab.org>  with the best day of the
week for your participation (and your pizza preference). We'll announce
the date of the first forum as soon as we have consensus on a day of the
week. Thanks in advance,

Bob May

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