[Hallb-engineering] HDice He Level Signal

David Kashy kashy at jlab.org
Wed Apr 25 08:04:49 EDT 2012

Hi Krister Etal,
On the buffer dewar we also use a temperature signal to help to keep the 
line cold. I do not know if the IBC has a temperature signal in the flow 
path of the 4k pot that might be used. but if it does we can set up a 
cascading PID to keep the supply valve minimum position high enough to 
assure the u-tube stays cold.
I'm happy to meet with you, Andy and Chris to implement this feature if 
there is a signal that can be used.


On 4/24/2012 5:05 PM, Krister Bruhwel wrote:
> Hello,
> Chris Bass and I installed the hardwired HDice He level signal today.
> Here is the EPICS signal: "hdice:mainbathLL"
> I have put into the time histories under the "HD Ice IBC" group as "He 
> Bath Level Hard Wired" and its updating as it should thus far.
> Let me know about alarms and whatever else one might want with this 
> signal.
> clasrun at clon01:clasrun>caget hdice:mainbathLL
> hdice:mainbathLL               72.6482
> Regards,
> Krister
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