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	Bicycle Helmet Protection - Lawrence Livermore Nation Security, LLC 	
Statement of Lessons Learned 
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Bicycle helmets need to worn to protect a rider�s head from impact injuries. Discussion of Activity 
Two recent events demonstrated the importance and value of wearing a bicycle helmet while riding. 

While transitioning from a pathway to a service road, the pedal of an employee-owned bicycle struck a curb.  The fall resulted in an injured rib and shoulder. The right side of helmet struck the ground so the employee did not receive any head injuries.

A second rider was on a Lab-owned bicycle in a sitting position, moving at an average speed when the chain malfunctioned and slipped off of the sprocket. The employee fell onto the pavement and suffered multiple contusions and lacerations to their elbow, hip, and knee. The helmet hit the pavement, but, the rider did not receive any head injuries. Analysis 
Recommended Action 
Consider the following:

Wear a bicycle helmet when riding any bicycle. 

Be sure that the helmet you wear is properly fitted, worn in the correct position, and properly secured to your head by the chin and any other straps. 

Remember that a bicycle helmet is good for just one impact and must be replaced even if the damage is not readily visible. Hidden damage compromises a helmet�s ability to protect. 
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