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Douglas Tilles tilles at jlab.org
Fri Jul 11 12:14:51 EDT 2014

Subject: Propane Torch Tool Box Information


We recently had an event on site in which an employee was using 2 
propane torches to melt an "ice ball" that had formed on a pressure 
relief valve.  One of the torches developed a large yellow flame that he 
was unable to swipe away.  The employee dropped the torch to the floor 
(he was working in an man lift 10 feet in the air), and the safety watch 
put out the flame with an extinguisher and secured the tank.  
Investigation revealed that using a torch with fuel cylinder tipped more 
than 60 degrees from its upright position may have caused torch to flare.

A propane torch is a small but mighty tool with almost as many uses as 
duct tape.  Attached is a propane torch toolbox handout.  If your team 
uses propane torches here at work or even at home, please take the time 
to review with your team.

If you have any questions, please contact Dave Kausch or your ESH&Q 



Mary Logue
Associate Director, ESH&Q
Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility
12050 Jefferson Avenue, Suite 602
Newport News, VA 23606

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