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Subject: April Electrical glove change out

To All,

Electrical gloves are ready for swap out in trailer 35 (back office area). Your group should be turning in yellow colored gloves and taking red colored gloves.

Along with the gloves; you should also be taking balaclavas (blue hoods); one for each ppe bag that your group has (there is a box with 8 remaining; if we run out I will order more). Cryo, FM, and Hall D already have their hoods in with their gloves bagged together. 

As you take the balaclavas, mark the # taken next to your group's name on the sheet provided in T35 (this will help me in the future with ordering things to go into the ppe bags).

I will swap out Magnet Test, Fel, and Torrus groups gloves.

Also with the gloves is a 2 page reminder of glove inspection and glove care (attached an e-copy also); use these sheets as a tool box talk when distributing gloves amongst your group.

The purpose of the balaclavas is to provide 360 degree protection when within the arc flash boundary; balaclavas are to be worn when an arc rated faceshield is being donned. An arc rated hood is permitted to be used instead of the arc rated faceshield and balaclava. IT IS IMPORTANT TO INCLUDE THIS INFORMATION IN YOUR TOOLBOX TALK ALSO.

Contact me directly with any questions and/or changes in glove sizes/quantities(x7006). Also remember gloves should be stored in glove bags for further protection; if in need of a glove bag let me know (I have some extras). Also have extra outer leather protectors if anyone is in need of those.

If we run out of balaclavas; make a note on the sheet provided in T35 of how many you need and I will make another order once I tallied all the requests.

Todd Kujawa 

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