[Hallb-engineering] Update on beam delivery

Stepan Stepanyan stepanya at jlab.org
Thu Nov 6 10:12:39 EST 2014

Dear all,

Performance of the CEBAF machine during the past two shifts has been 
improved significantly.
It is now very likely that the machine operations will proceed with 
commissioning of RF separators
during day and evening shifts on Friday. After that, if everything goes 
well, we expect beam
delivery to the Hall-B tagger dump. Here is the plan for today and tomorrow:
- today, Thursday, Nov. 6, hall will be lock at 3pm for magnet test 
(including the tagger magnet)
- hall will be open day tomorrow, Friday, Nov. 7
- we will lock up the hall for beam delivery after 3pm on Friday

We expect beam running over weeked.

I am preparing shift schedule for the next 15 days for the Hall-B 
beamline commissioning. We will
learn more on when in coming weekend we have to man shifts in counting 
room this afternoon.
Please, if you want to take shifts for beamline commissioning period and 
have not responded to my
previous email, send me your availability for the next couple of weeks 
as soon as possible. I am going
to distribute shift schedule this afternoon.

Regards, Stepan

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