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Douglas Tilles tilles at jlab.org
Thu Nov 20 11:03:09 EST 2014

A list of experts for someone to call sounds good. I thought it would be a good subject for the next training session. 

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I have begun oncall schedule ideas that I submitted for feedback on 
the 14th to which no one has responded.  The original idea has the 
experts on one rotation in parallel with the new people on another and 
the scheduling has some fundamental flaws due to the head count of 
experts being six.  This doesn't lend itself to good rotations that I 
have found so far due to people rotating around to the same holidays 
due to a twelve month cycle. I have played with various methods of 
shifting six around with offsets and the like and it doesn't seem so 
fair in the end but I'm not done playing with ideas.  

The task of writing an oncall list was given to me eight working days 
ago and in the meantime we have had a very busy schedule getting the 
torus cold test up and running, doing shift work for cool down and I 
will be going to AES on top of that so there won't be a lot of extra 
time available.  The schedule work that I submitted for feedback was 
done after hours and that is how my schedule has been.  I can not 
guarantee a fair and thought out schedule at the moment as I need time 
to come up with it and then it will just that.

My latest idea is to skip the primary and secondary rotations and just 
go with one list.  There will be a list of experts to call as needed.  
This lends itself to fifteen people rotations and the holidays seem to 
work out kind of OK.  

Please see the attached draft file for this type of rotation. I have 
attached the original file of ideas that I submitted for feedback as 

I think people should look at the rotations, provide feedback and 
anyone that is available can take the pager in the meantime.


On Thu, Nov 20, 2014 at 09:00:07AM -0500, Douglas Tilles wrote:
> To All
> There is no on call schedule and the hall has been locking up for beam on weekends, I have been on call for the last 2 weeks Denny has volunteered to take it this weekend. The on-call number is 757-748-5048.
> The Run Coordinator number is 757-575-7540.
> Systems on line are
> Tagger
> Vacuum
> He bag to Tagger dump
> HPS and Ecal in down stream alcove
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