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Subject: [Utility Outage] Proposed Power Outage - 07/16/2015 07:00

The following Power Outage has been Proposed:

Outage:      Power Outage - Bldg 98, 99 and BSY
Proposed By: Caterbone
Start Time:  07/16/2015 07:00
End Time:    07/16/2015 17:00

Power outage to repair leaking bushing from transformer T10.  Requires T10 to be out all day and two momentary outages at T7 (ESR compressors and 4 kW bldg 480 v power) when power is switched between the two.  T10 serves the BSY, BSY Exit Stair and Bldg 98.

Impacted Areas:
	Bldg 98: Physics Fabrication Building
	Bldg 99: Switchyard Exit Stair
	Bldg 102: End Station Refrigeration
	Bldg 104: End Station Refrigeration 2

For more details, visit the webpage listed below:

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