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Subject: [Utility Outage] Scheduled Power Outage - 07/24/2015 08:30

The following Power Outage has been Confirmed:

Outage:      UIM Electrical - End Station Loop Outage
Proposed By: Michele Solaroli
Start Time:  07/24/2015 08:30
End Time:    07/24/2015 09:30

There will be a power outage on the End Station Loop to connect the 33 MVA switchgear and test the phasing.  This will require turning EVERYTHING OFF on the End Station Loop
including all the Halls, the Counting House, Bldg 98 and both ESR bldgs.  The emergency loop will be running during the outage.  The test will take about an hour.  This outage has been coordinated with Walt Akers, Paul Power, Steve Suhring and the contractor.

Impacted Areas:
	Bldg 91: Beam Dump Cooling Building A
	Bldg 92: Service Building
	Bldg 94: Experimental Hall B
	Bldg 94A: Hall B Trailer 94A
	Bldg 94B: Hall B Trailer 94B
	Bldg 95: Beam Dump Cooling Building C
	Bldg 96: Experimental Hall C
	Bldg 97: Counting House
	Bldg 98: Physics Fabrication Building
	Bldg 99: Switchyard Exit Stair
	Bldg 101: Experimental Hall A
	Bldg 102: End Station Refrigeration
	Bldg 104: End Station Refrigeration 2

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