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Dear Walt,

OK, thanks. Hall B expects beam only by May so it ought to be 
straightforward to find a time.
Regards, Glenn

On 9/8/2016 10:37 AM, Walt Akers / JLAB wrote:
> Good Morning:
> I spoke with Celia earlier today, and it appears that the materials that
> they will need to perform this work will not be available in time to
> complete the chiller installation before the start of the Fall run.
> This means there will be NO cooling outage on September 29th.
> Facilities would like to wait until the material is on hand and then
> work with us to find an installation time during the winter down that
> will have the least impact on our experimental program and the
> ongoing installation of equipment.
> The expected impacts would be a 4 hour outage/reduction of LCW
> for the A,B,C end station complex and an 8 hour outage of cooling
> in Hall B.  Fortunately, the winter weather should largely mitigate
> the cooling concerns for Hall B - but, we will still need to work around
> the LCW issues.
> For now, I know everyone has more than enough to be concerned
> about - just keep this potential outage in the back of your mind as
> you plan for the winter accelerator down.
> I'll send more information as it becomes available.
> Walt

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