[Hallb-engineering] [Revised Logentry] ESR trip last night at Torus ops and status

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Excellent system!

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> Last night at ~8:30pm, the ESR cold box tripped and stopped sending 4K 
> helium to All Halls. The Torus was running steadily at 65%helium level 
> at the time. The flow started to return around 9:20pm. The 
> refrigerator was fully recovered by 10:00pm. The helium level dropped 
> to 28%, and the temperature of the VCL buss at the bottom warmed a few 
> K. The major alarm was that the inlet pressure to the Torus dropped to 
> 1.4 atm. This would have appropriately caused a controlled rampdown of 
> the magnet. The coils and splices stayed cold.
> After the ESR was brought back on line the system recovered and before 
> midnight the Torus was full and stable.
> ** No intervention from Hall B staff was required**
> This was one of the things that was nice to learn by keeping the Torus 
> at 4K after the KPP
> Also just now we had a pressure dip on PT8111 to below the alarm value 
> for running of 2.3 so I set the alarm value to 1.9atm.

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