[Hallb-engineering] [Revised Logentry] ESR trip last night at Torus ops and status

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Wed Feb 8 09:20:02 EST 2017

Logentry Text:
Last night at ~8:30pm, the ESR cold box tripped and stopped sending 4K helium to All Halls. The Torus was running steadily at 65%helium level at the time. The flow started to return around 9:20pm. The refrigerator was fully recovered by 10:00pm. The helium level dropped to 28%, and the temperature of the VCL buss at the bottom warmed a few K. The major alarm was that the inlet pressure to the Torus dropped to 1.4 atm. This would have appropriately caused a controlled rampdown of the magnet. The coils and splices stayed cold. 

After the ESR was brought back on line the system recovered and before midnight the Torus was full and stable.

** No intervention from Hall B staff was required**

This was one of the things that was nice to learn by keeping the Torus at 4K after the KPP

Also just now we had a pressure dip on PT8111 to below the alarm value for running of 2.3 so I set the alarm value to 1.9atm.


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