[Hallb-engineering] Physics Cryo Load Tests

Dave Kashy kashy at jlab.org
Mon May 15 11:53:12 EDT 2017

Hi All,
Over the next 2 weeks there will be a series of load tests to help determine the loads of the 3 Halls (A, B, C) and the ESR/CHL capability to support those loads in the 12Gev era. David Schleeper will be leading the tests. At present all the available magnets are on line with "minimum" lead flows. The first test will be to increase the lead flow of the VCL's. This test is tentatively scheduled to begin Wednesday morning. 

There may also be a desire to power the magnets to more properly simulate the VCL I^2R loads. This would be the first time that all magnets from all 3 halls will be powered at the same time. If one magnet trips it could take out others so we need to think hard about this and decide if it is worth the risk of additional recovery time with limited purifier capacity etc.

Also for Hall B we need to see what other work is on going that would be delayed by powering the Torus.


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