[Hallb-engineering] [New Logentry] Follow-up Re: Solenoid/Buffer Dewar Recovery and Torus Status

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Fri Sep 15 01:25:02 EDT 2017

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Tuned the system until 8PM from home.
Received a phone call at midnight on my cell but did not wake up fast enough to answer it.
Tried calling back but no answer so I logged on. 
Still some oscillations so I implemented the new PID input parameters that Nick S. made available to the PLC last evening. This seemed to help, but still received a spike in the inlet pressure so I OPENED EV8111BY on the Torus and set up the PID on EV8512T to control on TD8513T at 10K. This may be helping too. We will see when the sun comes up...

Torus Vacuum has gone through what should be the final big burst of off-gassing of frozen gas in the vacuum space from the leak. It peaked at 8.6E-2 torr at 20:20 on 9/14. and the average coil temperature at the time was 48K. Now the vacuum is back to 2E-3 torr


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