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Mon Sep 4 07:56:22 EDT 2017

Thank you Dave

Scot and Nick are aware of the noisy heaters and this will be investigated tomorrow.


> On Sep 4, 2017, at 7:25 AM, kashy at jlab.org wrote:
> Follow-up Re: Follow-up Re: Solenoid Cooldown
> Lognumber 3483438. Submitted by kashy on Mon, 09/04/2017 - 07:21.
> References:	3483142 - Follow-up Re: Solenoid Cooldown
> Cooling of the magnet continues.
> Coils 1 and 2 are at 97K
> Coils 3 and 4 are at 102K
> Coil 5 is at 111K
> Coils 1 to 4 are still cooling, but slower than coil 5 which is expected at this point in the process.
> The Z support load cells have slowed their rate of force increase as expected. the Downstream Beam Left Top load cell (which was highest) dropped from ~520 to ~340 yesterday at about 3pm. At present there is no explanation for this. Maybe there was some compaction of materials in the support link adapters. Similar drops were seen the day before on DS BR T and US BR T load cells
> Tuesday, before starting the 4K portion of the cooldown we will stop the flow and reconnect the UPS. In parallel with 4K cooling we need to understand and repair the noise that is being generated by the lead flow heaters.
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