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Solenoid and Torus both worked as designed.


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> On Sep 28, 2017, at 2:20 AM, kashy at jlab.org wrote:
> Follow-up Re: Hall B Torus/Solenoid Force Interaction Studies
> Lognumber 3486142. Submitted by kashy on Thu, 09/28/2017 - 02:15.
> Entry Makers:	kashy, hogan, sandoval
> References:	3486137 - Hall B Torus/Solenoid Force Interaction Studies
> We ramped the Torus to -3770A with a setpoint of -3775A which is 100% of full current in the Negative = CW direction with the Solenoid still at Full current in the Positive = DS direction.
> This is the first time the Torus has been ramped to Negative full current. The previous max ramp in CW direction was -1900A.
> This proves out the full capability of the two magnets for the first couple of experiments in Hall B. The last variable is the solenoid in negative polarity and the decision was made previously to postpone that test as negative field should not to be needed for a couple of years.
> Some observations:
> All Coil C OOPS went to zero at about -2500A. This is a bit odd as the coil is thus only suspended at the 4 corners but this is not distressing.
> We had to reset one OOPS force limit as we had to with the positive full field ramp. This time it was OOPS on Coil E #3 and we changed the controlled ramp from 1300 to 1500lbs. We also closely watched Coil F OOPS #3 as it slowly marched up to 1110lbs but stopped short of the 1300lb trip value
> All the same conclusions of previous entry apply.
> Voltages on both magnets all looked fine
> Cryogenically all looked very good.
> Next steps are to ramp down the Solenoid to 0 field then ramp the Torus down to 0.
> <clonpc21_20170928_015443.gif>
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> <clonpc21_20170928_020219.gif>
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