[Hallb-engineering] [Dsg-dc] DC Mix 2 CO2 Flow

Morgan Cook mcookiv at jlab.org
Mon Aug 13 10:53:48 EDT 2018

Hi Brian,

I've adjusted the CO2 regulator for mixing from 100-ish psi to 115-ish psi.


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Since the tank pressure has dropped enough I've turned back on automatic mode.

The high limit for mix 2 has been lowered to 90 psi until the regulators are adjusted.

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> The regulator for the CO2 used for Mix 2 needs to be adjusted.
> The MFC valve was at 100% but not flowing anything, which is almost always due
> to the upstream pressure not being high enough. In the attached plot the scale
> for the MFC is -2 to 2 SLM.
> I put the mixing system in manual mode and set the flows for mix 2 to 0 so the
> tank won't be filled with just Argon.
> Once the regulator is adjusted or the pressure in the tank gets below ~95 it can
> be put back into automatic mode.
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