[Hallb-engineering] [New Logentry] Warm return temperature from Hall B goes high! (???)

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Mon Aug 13 13:55:03 EDT 2018

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At 10:10 today the return temperature sensor from Hall B sky rocketed. It indicated slowly falling at aroung 10K to over 150 K and then came back down when Chris Perry shut the Hall B cold return valve CEV6721B starting at 10:20 and fully closed by 10:24. 

Strangely before the valve was closed, the Torus and the Solenoid were flat line at 5.3 and ~7.6K. The Dewar did have a slight slow rise but only to 13K before the valve was shut.

The ESMTL vacuum jacket has no ice or sweat on it. 

13:40 Chris Perry came to see us and discuss the issue.

Together we figured out that the issue started exactly when Hall A started taking flow.

The conclusion is that the 4K supply flow that entered the Hall A transferline warmed up and came back up the line. then the warm gas went down the Hall B transferline on its supply and warmed the return flow from Hall B. 


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