[Hallb-engineering] [New Logentry] Hall B Torus Helium Level Control and Level Interlocks

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Wed Aug 22 16:30:04 EDT 2018

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This summer we moved the Superconducting liquid helium probe higher in the TST Lead reservoir. Today I tested the system to see if the issue with backfilling of the recoolers still occurs and at what liquid levels on both level probes LL8210SC and LL8120DP.

1)  Batch filling still occurs if the thermosiphon return stand pipe in the TST is not covered with LHe. 
2) The SC probe min value before batchfilling occurs 63% and the DP probe is 57%. 
3) We updated the controlled rampdown values for the Torus to <70% on the SC probe and <65% on the DP probe, (note both were 40% which was too low). 
4) We will operate the Torus at 90% Liquid level on the SC probe which is about 70% on the DP probe (the level we operated on last spring).


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