[Hallb-engineering] Solenoid MPS

Probir Ghoshal ghoshal at jlab.org
Fri Aug 24 08:33:10 EDT 2018

Dear All,

This is to bring to the notice that hallB Solenoid MPS LCW line by-pass across the filter just before the MPS was open (ie by-passing the SOl-MPS).
Thankfully Calvin brought this to our (Ruben and myself) notice this morning and we all went in the hall and positioned the valve as required for normal operation.
This valve is open when the filters are replaced..!

This is very surprising and will require a check at all the time (will be added to the check list of the MPS in the future).
Please be mindful in the future to please bring the things/matter small or in doubt to hall lead or the magnet group (this must be a practice to be a safe).

Calvin - Thanks again for bringing to my notice.



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