[Hallb-engineering] [Revised Logentry] Root Cause Search for ESR Trip 2/6/2018

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Tue Feb 6 23:45:01 EST 2018

Logentry Text:
I looked though many signals in the Mya Viewer Archive. I found the following:
In time order (times per the data logger, there may be time shifts due to data collection rates etc.)
At 16:34:33 the SHMS Dipole started 1 rampdown that lasted about 1 minute
At 16:34:40 the lead flow of the Hall C SHMS HB magnet went from 100 steady up to 113 then back down to 100 at 13:35:17
At 16:35:18-23 all other Hall C SHMS started rampdowns that lasted sless than 1 minute
At 16:35:19 the helium level in the Hall C SHMS HB went from 70 to 51
At 16:35:26 the lead flow in the Hall C SHMS Q3 went form 88 to 85 (not a big change)
At 16:35:37 the three pressure sensors on the quench headers of Halls A, B, C (CPI603QA, QB, QC) started to slowly rise from their flatline values
At 16:35:40 the helium level of the Hall C SHMS Q3 went from 70% to 35%
At 16:35:48 the Hall B Solenoid magnet resevoir started to slowly loose helium level
At 16:36:02 the Hall A Right Dipole started to slowly ramp down but at 16:37:31 it started to ramp up
At 16:36:08-12 All Hall C HMS magnets started rundowns that lasted 1-3 minutes
At 16:37:42 the helium level in the Hall A right dipole started to climb then at 16:39:09 ti dopped form 96% to 26%
At 16:44:56 ESR Turbines T1 and T2 tripped
At 16:54:00 the Hall B solenoid fast dumped
At 17:22:02 the ESR Turbine T2 was restarted
AT 17:28:25 the Hall B Torus fast dumped
At 17:30:54 the ESR Turbine T1 was restarted

I can't make any firm conclusions, because I do not know the accuracy of the time stamps on the above data...
I do not know all the interlocks on the Turbines but see no big events really close in time to the turbine trips


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