[Hallb-engineering] CO2 sensors

Denny Insley dinsley at jlab.org
Fri Feb 9 13:18:07 EST 2018

Hi guys,

    There are now two pressure transducers on the CO2 supply Dewars for DC gas.
They are shown in a box on the left side of the DC gas gui thats labled "Supply Pressures".
The "upper" and "lower" designations refer to the physical location of the supply manifold.
I have set alarms at 150 psi "lo"= minor and 125 psi "lolo"= major. 150psi is the current 
regulator set point, when one set falls below that the other takes over. So as an example,
a "lo" alarm on the "upper" readout means that the two Dewars on the top manifold are no 
longer supplying 150 psi and need to be changed or open the pressure building valve.


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