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Doug Tilles, 

You are receiving this message because you are a JLab radiation worker. This is to provide you with information regarding implementation of the Rapid Access Systems (RAS) in Halls B and D. The RAS(s) provide fixed monitoring of designated areas within the halls that assess the radiation levels to verify the absence of “Radiation areas”. A magenta beacon is located outside of the Hall B entrance door, and inside the “Key-bank” vestibule in Hall D, that will illuminate if there are elevated radiation levels. If the beacon is not flashing, but turns on when the test button is pressed, it is safe to enter the hall. If the beacon is flashing, and does not turn off after a few minutes or fails its function test, a full survey of the hall by RadCon, or an ARM escort is required. The SSO will guide entrants through the RAS functional test, prior to processing them in under controlled access. 

During a Rapid Access, certain areas of the halls must not be entered: 

Hall B – area around the tagger dump and mid-level underneath the tagger magnet, as well as the beam dump alcove 

Hall D ¬– the collimator cave 

These areas are clearly posted “Caution Radiation Area – survey required prior to access”, and if there is a need to enter, a survey performed by the RCD or ARM escort is mandatory. In addition, hands-on beamline work requires a survey by RadCon. 

As always, all materials that have resided within the halls during beam permit must be surveyed for release by RadCon. 

For questions, contact David Hamlette at 876-1743. 

Thank you, 
Radiation Control Department

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