[Hallb-engineering] [New Logentry] Hall B Solenoid Cryogenic Tuning

kashy at jlab.org kashy at jlab.org
Tue Jan 16 12:10:01 EST 2018

Logentry Text:
Completed Tuning of Hall B Solenoid cryo to try to eliminate warm bumps back to ESR from Hall B on Friday at 10:00. 

After the tuning there were several more bumps on Friday and over the weekend.
On Friday, at about Noon the Buffer Dewar in Hall B had an IOC problem
On Saturday at ~6 am and 2pm Hall A R Dipole lost helium level (IOC issues)
On Sunday ~4am Cryo lost a CAMAC crate

So the Hall B solenoid did not have any warm burps since Friday.


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