[Hallb-engineering] [New Logentry] Hall B 4K cryoshutdown

kashy at jlab.org kashy at jlab.org
Thu May 10 09:45:01 EDT 2018

Logentry Text:
Hall B shutdown started at 08:43
Supply flow stopped at 8:52
Cold return shut at 9:23
Warm return valves on the Torus and Solenoid opened on their PID controls 
Now slowly T& S opening the warm returns in manual 9:25
Buffer dewar back pressure valve put in manual at 70% open at 9:33
Warm return from Torus and Solenoid (PV8522TCD and SCD) 100% open in manual mode and so is the buffer dewar return valve EV8210BP
Put Cold return valves (in manual mode for Torus and Solenoid PV8522TR and SR) at 100% to keep the TL at the same pressure as the magnets and buffer dewar 9:43

Now waiting for the helium to boil off.


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