[Hallb-engineering] Hall B Work Schedule May-Aug

Chris Cuevas cuevas at jlab.org
Wed May 16 09:58:28 EDT 2018


PO #18-M0722 was issued 4-May and has a delivery date of 15-June.

Hope we can get some of David Anderson's time to swap out the power 
drive unit on the lower SC Torus turbo-pump.




On 5/15/2018 3:46 PM, Mac Mestayer wrote:
> Hello Bob;
> I did not see a task listed for the replacement of the torus turbopump
> motor with an electronically quieter version, which Chris is spearheading.
> I'm cc'ing Chris and Ben on this.
> - Mac
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> All,
> Please find attached the current schedule for this summer.  Denny and I
> will update the schedule as required during the next few months.
> Regards,

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