[Hallb-engineering] [New Logentry] Torus Burp and 80K warm up + entire system to 80K

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Wed Jan 2 13:30:04 EST 2019

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We have set up the Torus to warm over night and tomorrow to slowly warm and burp. 
We wanted to try to warm only the Torus and leave the Solenoid and Buffer Dewar cold and full. This did not work.
This will be a good reduction in load for the ESR and should allow the TL to be shut off from CHL.
Once the helium boiled off in the Torus Reservoir the supply temperature went up in the DBX and thus to both the Buffer dewar and the Solenoid.
The only recourse was to shut off the 4K to Hall B. 

We added vacuum alarms to the pager on several TC gages and the inlet valve to the secondary turbo pump.

The Torus 80K shields are running as normal. 
We turned off alarms on PT811 and LL8120SC and LL8120DP in the alarm handler. 
It looked like HTR8120 was not working, we went to the Hall and on the vacuum rack (L3) the power supply was off. We turned it on. It still was not obvious that it is working, but since we don't use it in standard ops it's no big deal if it cant be fixed.
We updated the warming to 80K/Burping the Torus procedure, we may try this again with some more steps but it is not clear if it can work.


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