[Hallb-engineering] [New Logentry] Follow-up Re: ESR LN2 subcooler erratic behavior - Hall B TL vacuum

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Sat Nov 7 10:25:02 EST 2020

Logentry Text:
A large portion of the issue with the erratic behaviour was due to really poor vacuum in the ESMTL (End Station Magnet Transfer Line) to Hall B. The vacuum was really poor.
When I entered the Hall at 08:00 the TL had sweat on the Vacuum Jacket.

Cyro techs put on a turbo pump at the ESR end of the TL and reported the starting vacuum was on the "one scale".

Approximately 30 minutes later (~10:05 I put a turbo pump on the Hall End of the TL and found the starting vacuum was 240mTorr. 
The pump on the Hall B end will continue to run through the weekend. 

The safety interlocks that are set up to protect the Torus from getting hot gas if the LN2 reservoir in the DBX empties did shut the flow to the magnet until the reservoir refilled. (good news)!


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