Bill Briscoe briscoe at gwu.edu
Wed Jul 14 08:49:02 EDT 2010

Dear Collaborators,

The cryogenics crew did their best yesterday to get things ready. They loaded the target into the cryostat, but it leaked when they cooled down below 2K (superfluid leak).  They tried tightening the seal, but the superfluid leak was still there when they cooled down again.  

Today they will remove the target insert and try again with a new kapton gasket. I think we own them our thanks for their efforts. We also will not rush them - they need to proceed with care and deliberation.

We must allow more time for the FROST Target engineers to work this out. So we will cancel shifts until 16:00 hrs on Thursday July 15th. Be watching for a followup message since things may slide a little more. I will know more tonight at 17:00.

Best Regards,


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