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Wed Jul 14 12:08:51 EDT 2010

Hi All,

Some said that they did not receive this message. So I send again. I seem not to be able to access the running experiment web page to update it.


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> Dear Collaborators,
> The cryogenics crew did their best yesterday to get things ready. They 
> loaded the target into the cryostat, but it leaked when they cooled 
> down below 2K (superfluid leak).  They tried tightening the seal, but 
> the superfluid leak was still there when they cooled down again.  
> Today they will remove the target insert and try again with a new 
> kapton gasket. I think we own them our thanks for their efforts. We 
> also will not rush them - they need to proceed with care and deliberation.
> We must allow more time for the FROST Target engineers to work this 
> out. So we will cancel shifts until 16:00 hrs on Thursday July 15th. 
> Be watching for a followup message since things may slide a little 
> more. I will know more tonight at 17:00.
> Best Regards,
> Bill

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