[Hallb] Another successful day for PCAL project!

Stepan Stepanyan stepanya at jlab.org
Tue Nov 12 17:45:42 EST 2013

Dear all,

Another successful day for CLAS12 per-shower calorimeter project.
The first PCAL module is now installed on forward carriage in Hall-B.
This is now officially PCAL Sector #5.
Installation went very well, many thanks to the whole Hall-B technical
stuff lead by Bob Miller. Congratulations for job well done, Doug, Dave,
Calvin, Randy, Todd!

Brief history of the PCAL: the first box has been assembled and load
tested in April of 2011. The same time FNAL and Kuraray Co. delivered
scintillators and fibers, and PCAL group started scintillator processing.
The assembly of the first model started on May 3, 2011. Since then,
in about 2.5 year, PCAL collaboration consisting of four university groups
and two national labs, assembled, tested and fully calibrated 6 PCAL
modules. Students, post.docs, scientists and staff of collaborating
institutions: Ohio University, the Collage of William and Mary , Norfolk
State University, James Madison University, Yerevan Physics Institute,
and Jefferson lab, processed and assembled ~7200 scintillator strips
and ~28800 wave-length shifting fibers of various lengths, 1152
PMTs, voltage dividers, and housing. Bench tests of modules showed
that every one of them performed as expected.
Many thanks and congratulations to the PCAL collaboration as well for
reaching this important milestone in the project.

Best wishes, Stepan

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