[Hallb] retirement party for Steve - pass it on!

Mac Mestayer mestayer at jlab.org
Thu Sep 15 16:11:55 EDT 2016

Hello Partial List of Steve's Friends;

Bring photos, memorabilia, written memories, etc. to a
Party for Steve: F113, Friday, Sept. 23, 2pm

and .....  Pass It On to others in your group who
would like to come to Steve's party.

There will be cake, coffee and speeches !!
PLUS PRIZES*: for best moustache (fake and real categories), best
Hawaii shirt, most times someone has gotten to work before Steve,
best story (humorous), best story (serious), best old photo,
best cowboy boots, best beer recipe, and

* the prizes might be kind of small

So spread the word:
  September 23rd is the day.

 					- Mac

p.s. get in touch with me or Latifa, Stepan or Bob Miller with questions,
suggestions, etc.

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