[Hallb] Torus mapping shift volunteers

Mac Mestayer mestayer at jlab.org
Mon Sep 19 15:39:32 EDT 2016

Hello Hall B;

We need volunteers to map the torus magnet.

We plan to map the Hall B torus over a span of 4
days if all goes well.  Running two shifts per day
and two persons per shift, we will need to cover
16 person-shifts of ~ 8 hours.  In addition we will
have various experts in attendance when needed.

I have attached a plan for the mapping day by day.
We're planning for a day shift (8-4) and a swing
shift (4-midnight).  A rough guess is that shifts
will start about 2 1/2 to 3 weeks from now in the
1st or 2nd week of October.

Please tell me if you can volunteer, and if so, how
many and what type of shifts you would like to cover.

 			thanks, Mac

"mestayer at jlab.org", (757)-269-7252
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