[Hallb] engineering run update

Raffaella De Vita Raffaella.Devita at ge.infn.it
Sun Dec 3 09:01:24 EST 2017

Dear All,
machine restoration continues and, according to this morning update, 
they are now tuning beam through Arc 7. The work will continue in the 
next 24 hours with the goal of starting to send beam to the Hall D 
tagger dump tomorrow. Once that is completed, the plan is to start beam 
tuning to Hall B and D in parallel.
Hall B will remain in restricted access for the next 24 hours and, based 
on the progresses with the machine, tomorrow we will decide when to 
For the moment, the plan to start shifts tomorrow morning at 8 am is 
confirmed. We will send further updates when available.
Best regards,

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