[Hallb] engineering run update

Raffaella De Vita Raffaella.Devita at ge.infn.it
Fri Dec 8 16:58:18 EST 2017

Dear All,
here is a brief update on the current status.

Yesterday beam up to the 5th pass was established and setup of the 750 
MHz RF separator needed to send beam to both Hall B and D started. Beam 
to the Hall D tagger dump was established last night but the separator 
could not be operated in stable conditions and its setup was interrupted 
to perform further investigations in the morning. During the night, 
magnetic extraction of the 10.6 GeV beam to Hall B, which does not 
require the separator, was also started.

The investigation of the RF separator issue performed today was not 
conclusive and will have to continue in the next days. In the meantime, 
it was decided to continue the setup of CEBAF to deliver beam to three 
Halls during the weekend with the following order of priority: B, C, A.

The Hall is presently ready to receive beam, which is expected later 
today or tonight. The plan for the upcoming days is to proceed with the 
beamline commissioning with the goal of sending first beam through CLAS12.
Further updates will be sent as soon as available.

Best regards,

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